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ONSEC is an information security consultancy company with 13 years of experience. The company is focused on high-quality penetration tests with in-depth project analysis and guaranteed coverage. ONSEC's mission is to discover critical issues and avoid useless reports with unexploitable findings.


Quarterly pentest and deep security audits are required by the most of industrial standards like SOC2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, among others.

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We deliver only one project at a time, to guarantee the luxury quality of our job.

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Industrial standards

OSCP, OWASP, PCI DSS, SOC2, and HIPPA are our daily jobs. Red team experience with knowledge sharing.



Mobile apps backends

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Applications and API 

Network / cloud infrastructure



Fresh eyes

The new and fresh point of view on security of your applications, clouds, and infrastructures.

We are СTF winners, Black Hat speakers, and security researchers who found a dozen 0-days. 7 years - is an average experience of our experts in the security area.

Penetration tests and deep security audits, including black-box (without access to the source code) and white-box (with a source code analysis) for any complexity systems.

Delivers OWASP Mobile Top-10 coverage to your mobile applications, and OWASP Top 10 for their backends.

Detection of possible vulnerabilities that may lead to unauthorised access to the closed components of the network and seizure of the control over the IT infrastructure.

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World-class pentesting that works for you

Comprehensive report, combining a clear and easy-to-understand Executive Summary and a detailed description of findings revealed during the pentest.

Our approach

For more than 13 years on the market our main goal is to increase the customer security level by finding and fixing security issues. Our main goal is to increase the customer security level by finding and fixing security issues as well as improve security awareness inside the company, to build a sustainable engineering culture with security knowledge.


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